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Low consistency cleaner

Low consistency cleaner Low consistency cleaner Low consistency cleaner
Product name:Low consistency cleaner
 Low consistency cleaner is called for forward direction cleaner,and also called heavy impurity cleaner.
Low consistency cleaner is always applied to remove impurity whose dimension is small and density
is relatively heavy,such as steel,staple,etc.

Low consistency pulp cleaner removes unwanted paticles from pulp and paper stock by conbination of
centrifugal force and fluid shear.Therefore,it sparates both on the basis of density difference and particle shape.

It work on the particle of a free vortex generated by a pressure drop to develop centrifugal action.The
power source i
s the pump.The pulp enters the cleaner tangentially,the inlet scroll guides the flow to
impart a rotating the stocks flow inward,the velocity increases,resulting in high centrifugal
forces near the center which carry dense particles outwart and away from the accept stock.Good fiber
is carried inward and upward to accept stock outlet.The dirt ,held in the downard current,continous
toward the the diameter narrows,the flow is forced inward against increasing centrifugal force,
which concentrates the dirt and releases good fiber to the accepts flow.

Single pass quantity(L/min)


The biggest pressure of inflow pulp(Kpa)


Press drop(Kpa)


Consistency of inflow pulp(%)


single sect bulk remove dregs rate(%)

10-12 (relatively enter pulp flux)


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